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Benjamin Huss

Benjamin Huss

German & Arms Dealer

Benjamin is the younger brother, who always got inspired by his brother.

Stefan Huss

Stefan Huss

Founder, Creator, Dreamer

Stefan is the 7 year older brother, who knows how to use the big mouth of his brother.

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Our News

Huss Group 3.0 is launched!

Huss Group 3.0 is the new face of Huss Group, which has the goal of increasing focus on our three main businesses – Lasergame / Investment / Advisory Huss Group 3.0 is the result of four months of deliberation, with us looking at our current business and coming to the conclusion that we do things we don’t know anything about…

Monthly update – October 2018

Hangovers and new possibilities October was a month where some things cooled down, it almost felt like a hangover, a month of coming down from the stress and getting ready for the next big party.  We have had a long period of hard work, and we now have a chance to stop up and plan for the future. The season…

Monthly Update – June 2018

A month of change Whilst June was a quiet month expansion-wise, the start of the summer has afforded us the time to reflect and consider the future of Huss Group. We have worked hard to achieve a lot over the past few years and continue to attract more and more attention to our businesses and activities. Our growth has remained…