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Benjamin Huss

Benjamin Huss

German & Arms Dealer

Benjamin is the younger brother, who always got inspired by his brother.

Stefan Huss

Stefan Huss

Founder, Creator, Dreamer

Stefan is the 7 year older brother, who knows how to use the big mouth of his brother.

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Germany – the country of your dreams!

Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and the fourth biggest in the world. With a population of more than 80 million people, many companies in Europe and the rest of the world are keen to enter the German market. When looking to achieve success in a new country, you have to have a plan and some knowledge about the…

Lasergame goes hand in hand with e-sports!

Over the past few weeks and months, Lasergame Group has participated at several festivals and exhibitions all over Europe. The question they were asked was always the same: Does e-sports affect your business? The answer is clear: Yes, it does but in a good way. Back when Stefan and Benjamin started Lasergame in their parents’ garage, there was no e-sports.…

It’s time to find the champions!

It’s time to find the champions! May and June are always the most exciting time of the year for sport. Most major national sports leagues have yet to find their champions. This is what makes it so exciting to be a spectator. The number of spectators at stadiums and in arenas increases in the lead-up to the season’s finale. Statistics…