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To find new clients you have to create a strategy. This strategy has to involve different parts of your company and has to be divided in different steps. 1: Company – strategy and identity• Find and define values, align strategy with values• Orientation towards special features, strengths and experiences• Set goals, formulate the main goal, check goals and achieve them•…

The StartupFund adds SDGs to their values

The StartupFund is our Arica-based foundation. The StartupFund is on a mission to work with startups, individuals and companies to build inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable businesses that serve citizens.  StartUp Fund was created based on of our founders’ belief that you need private investors and the public sector to have hands-on support for startups and SME´s. They believe that…

Challenges in Mentoring Relationships

Motivating someone to Mentor Is One of the Most Common Mentoring Challenges.One of the most common challenges organizations faces while starting a mentoring program is getting the right mentors to participate. It’s hard to find an experienced person who wants to invest their time in shaping others’ futures. However, when there are many talented, inexperienced people ready to be mentored,…