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Brothers in arms

Benjamin Huss

Benjamin Huss

German & Arms Dealer

Benjamin is the younger brother, who always got inspired by his brother.

Stefan Huss

Stefan Huss

Founder, Creator, Dreamer

Stefan is the 7 year older brother, who knows how to use the big mouth of his brother.

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Our News

The StartupFund 2.0

We are extremely happy to announce that our Kenyan based operation got a new face. The StartupFund, which is i local foundation to support entrepreneurs and the local startups environment has got a total lift face and his now ready to take local ideas to the world. We aim to achieve this by connecting local startup to investors, mentors, advisors,…

Huss Group is investing in Kenyan drone startup.

Huss Group has decided to go news ways and invest in African startups. To do so, our COO Benjamin Huss went to Nairobi and met several startups. After a long and minute screening process, he decide to invest in Levitation Dynamics, which is a local drone company.“Drone technology is something we have a big knowledge about in Europa. I believe…

Europeans and Africans should work together more closely

Last week, our COO Benjamin was on a trip to Nairobi, where he participated at “Nairobi Innovation Week”. It was a week in which he discovered that Europe should send more than just NGOs to Africa. We had a chat with him about his week and why he believes that Africans and Europeans should work together more closely. What were…