The StartupFund is our Arica-based foundation. The StartupFund is on a mission to work with startups, individuals and companies to build inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable businesses that serve citizens.  StartUp Fund was created based on of our founders’ belief that you need private investors and the public sector to have hands-on support for startups and SME´s. They believe that businesses should have free access to people with their own businesses experience. The StartupFund also believes strongly in creating a green economy. For us, that means creating socially inclusive businesses that are conscious of the environment they operate in. 
The Values are:

Sustainability: We hold a high regard for the environment in which we operate.

Seriousness: We hold a high regard for the laws and cultures in the countries in which we operate

Being at eye level: We believe that hands on is the best approach

Celebrating Differences: We appreciate our differences such as culture, religion and background


Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean  Energy)

Affordable and clean energy is critical in Africa where many communities are still without power.  We empower companies that work in the green energy sector by supporting them with funding and the skills they need to succeed. This allows them to focus on growing their business models so they can have the greatest impact.

Goal 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth)

Startup companies are emerging quickly in Africa but need support to enter markets and grow. By working with startups we are creating a path to market as well as job opportunities and security for not only founders but their employees. When startups succeed long term the impact on the economy is noticeable. Additionally, by instilling green economy principles into the business we are giving them a unique position in the market.

Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities)

Investing in green economy ensures that companies are creating business models that contribute to mitigating climate change and addressing urgent climate needs on a local level. By starting a business with this concept in mind in creates a wider ripple effect as the company grows and enters new markets.

Goal 13 (Climate Action)

A green economy uses businesses to create climate action. By incorporating this aspect into our business model we are ensuring that companies contribute to a green economy from the start.  By including this aspect from the beginning climate action will be instilled in their principles and as they grow each company will be contributing to climate action. The more they grow their company the wider the impact will be.