A month of change

Whilst June was a quiet month expansion-wise, the start of the summer has afforded us the time to reflect and consider the future of Huss Group. We have worked hard to achieve a lot over the past few years and continue to attract more and more attention to our businesses and activities.

Our growth has remained healthy and, considering that the majority of our investments are start-ups, the speed of our development is tracking well. At this point, what we have to ask ourselves is if we want to grow by acquiring more companies into Huss Group, or should we focus more on building and establishing our current businesses?

The answer is not that simple, as we find ourselves consistently fielding requests from start-ups who wish to work with Huss Group. Despite this, we have decided, for the time being, that we will be focusing on our current companies and their development.

The first move towards this new model will be to close Investeringspartner as an independent company. In the future Investerngspartner and Life Connections will work closer together, with Investeringspartner solely covering the Danish market and Life Connections focusing on engaging international costumers.

We are also proud to announce a new partnership between Manchester City F.C. and Life Connections. This significant deal sees Life Connections become the official Danish hospitality agent for the English football giant!

Benjamin had a key part in finalising the partnership and has recently returned from a trip to Manchester to visit ManCity HQ. He has also been meeting with a few interesting small businesses, but he will start to wind down on these meetings as we focus on boosting our existing portfolio of companies.

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