Huss Group 3.0 is the new face of Huss Group, which has the goal of increasing focus on our three main businesses – Lasergame / Investment / Advisory Huss Group 3.0 is the result of four months of deliberation, with us looking at our current business and coming to the conclusion that we do things we don’t know anything about and that we’re not actually all that good at. Being an international company and taking a critical look at yourself is not easy. Being an international company and disrupting nearly 50% of your business is very difficult! However, we were in no doubt that we had to make some tough decisions. If we were genuinely interested in achieving our targets for 2020, we had to come up with answer to three main issues:

  1. How can we combine all the companies we own in such a way that they can help each other to become far more effective?
  2. How can we get our opinion on different subjects across in a market full of investors and advisors?
  3. How can we grow our business without physically being everywhere at once?

Considering these matters forced us to think about how to communicate the results we come up with, and by thinking about that, we discovered how Huss Group should be.
As an international company conducting both public and private business, we must be more open. We believe that it is our duty and privilege to communicate our perspective on public and private matters far more strongly than we did before. By doing so, we will achieve far greater knowledge of who we are and how we think.