A week ago, our Kenyan colleagues from The StartUp Fund hosted their first workshop for startups in Kenya. The main focus of the workshop was to invite startups to share their experiences with other entrepreneurs, investors and mentors.
It was a day that ended in a few intensive debates about how to strengthen the startup ecosystem.
“To invite entrepreneurs and listen to their needs is the main purpose of our workshops,” says Moses, co-founder of The Startup Fund.

“We want to create workshops where startups can learn, network and develop their ideas. In order to do so, they have to interact with each other and experts.”

Besides an exciting workshop, last week brought about many interesting meetings with contacts, old and new.
“It was a really intensive week for me and our local partners,” says Benjamin, COO of Huss Group.
“The Kenyan ecosystem is special and different to what we are used to in Europe. When you meet a Governor in a bar and your Uber driver presents you with a business idea, you know you’re in Kenya!”

There were not only talks. Our Kenyan operation actually managed to close a new investment, which we will present in three weeks’ time.
Furthermore, The Startup Fund launched the idea of their own Innovation Center, which was very well received by startups, private partners and public institutions.
“We’re delighted to see the reaction to our programme. It makes us proud that we will be able to help the startup ecosystem in Kenya in a more intensive way,” says a happy Moses

The Startup Fund will present the entire programme in November and will start its first programme in January.