Hangovers and new possibilities

October was a month where some things cooled down, it almost felt like a hangover, a month of coming down from the stress and getting ready for the next big party.  We have had a long period of hard work, and we now have a chance to stop up and plan for the future.

The season is now over for Voetmann Racing, it has proven to be more challenging than expected. It was a season where we learned a lot and we are now preparing for the next year, learning from our mistakes and improving as a team.

Unfortunately, the Consilii concept is not coming along as we had hoped, we have a great team, but haven’t found the right sales team yet. We have, and will continue to, make efforts to improve our profile and increase our costumer base. We believe in the concept, but without sale, there is no business

Benjamin has experienced an increase of Danish companies, who are interested in expanding to Germany. He would love to work more with these companies, and convey his knowledge of the difference between Danish and German business culture, and consumer market.

As a concern we would like to focus more on our core businesses in the future – Lasergame, startups and sports. To achieve this goal of ours we are planning a fusion of Investeringspartner and Life connections, this will mean that we will be able to focus our efforts more effectively in the future. We are also considering new ways to approach customers who are interested in including, or optimizing their use of sports as a part of their marketing concept.

We are excited to see where these new efforts will take us.

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