We are extremely happy to announce that our Kenyan based operation got a new face.
The StartupFund, which is i local foundation to support entrepreneurs and the local startups environment has got a total lift face and his now ready to take local ideas to the world. We aim to achieve this by connecting local startup to investors, mentors, advisors, and connections that they desperately need.

Furthermore “The StartupFund” has the intention to start their own Co-Working space in Nairobi.
“During my week in Nairobi, Moses and Me got a chance to attend startup meetups, conferences, and individual startups in the place of their work. The visit turned out to be an eye-opener as we got to learn from startup mired of challenges that they face as they try to give their startup some life”, says COO of Huss Group Benjamin Huss

The challenges startups meet on a daily base a belong finding money.
” Working with startups opened our eyes to the challenges that many startups face and they are significant”, says the Co-founder of The StartupFund, Moses Ntiono.

Some significant challenges that many startup faces are:

  1. Lack of affordable working space. Most startup consumes their income paying exorbitant rent. Nairobi being a tech hub of Africa, has some of the highest office rent across the continent.
  2. Network- As with any business, connections are what determines if a company will succeed or fail. For a startup to succeed, it needs connections to investors, advisors, and mentors who can all contribute in one way or another in the success of a startup.

One thing for sure is that Nairobi is the hotbed of startups. There are many startups with amazing ideas that can solve the mired of the problem facing the local community. If given the support, those startups can transform their communities in a way unimaginable.

Over the last 2 month; we have been brainstorming on how we can support local startups and be part of the change that can solve the everyday problem faced by locals. Our support will aim to provide startups with finances, connections, and mentors who can take them to the world.

Our efforts have led us to come up with BUNI PLACE (BUNI means CREATE in Swahili). In this place, we intend to bring together Startups, creators, investors, mentors, and connectors all in one roof. We also aim to make the site affordable and to some extent free to startups that are working to solve pertinent issues affecting communities.

At the moment, we are in the process of working on modalities to get the place going. We also take this opportunity to welcome anyone willing to partner with us to see this vision come to reality.

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