At Huss Group we are proud to announce that we will become an active part of the African startup community.
Over the last 6 month, we have been working with serval thoughts about, how to approach the Africa market.

“It was always in our mind that there has to be a big potential in Africa. There are so many people and daily base issues, which mad us interested in the potential of entrepreneurs and startups in Africa”, says Stefan Huss. He continues, “We had to find the right way to approach the market and entrepreneurs. It was clear for us that we had to find people on the ground and make a long term strategy.”

The decision “how” to do it was not easy and we had to talk to many people, both from the public and private sector to find the right Set-up.

The StartupFund is the result of these considerations.

We are very happy to announce that we not only start a local platform to help startups in Africa, at the same time we start up a cooperation with local entrepreneurs.

One of the main reasons why Huss Group made it that fare, is the local entrepreneur Moses Mtiono, who runs his own Safari agency.

We asked him some question about the African startup environment.

How do you see the Startup environment in Kenya at the moment?

The startup environment is still untouched, there is still lots of untapped potential thats if well nurtured can have lasting impact  

Where do you see improvements have to happen?

Improvement have to happen in each cycle of startup from making entrepreneurs believing that they can really do great things, offering them mentoring and skills , financing their ambition  and more so linking them to other entrepreneurs who can open the world for them . 

How African startups think about private Business Angels from outside Africa?

Business angels are still unheard off, a private partnership from outside skeptical at first because they think most people are after their ideas and once it has converted to a viable business, private investors will take off.

But with proper planning and ethical business practice, a private investor can make an impact.

Do you believe that the free access to a network, skills and capital could increase the amount of African startups? 

Definitely it will , most ideas and business never see the light of the day because lack of capital, skills and network are the biggest hindrance to many investors world over .

There is a clear strategy behind The StartupFund explains, Benjamin Huss

“StartupFund is a local fund that supports startup and entrepreneurs in their initial stages. We have a long term strategy to ensure both us and startups succeed and bring meaningful impact.”

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